CZV Investment Summit

CZV Investment & Celebrity Summer Summit

Post –Event Summary Report 

Event Genera: Private Event, by Invitation only 

Date: July 9, 2017, 3 pm – 6 pm 

Location: Tiffany & Co. Beverly Hills, CA (VIP Lounge) 

Sponsorship: Cybernaut Zfounder Ventures, Tiffany & Co. 

Organizer:   Adelina Yang, CZV Partner, Miss USA; Ashley Carter, Tiffany & Co. Group Director 

Event Summary

On July 9th, Cybernaut Zfounder Ventures (CZV) with Tiffany & Co. organized an Investment event at the VIP Longue of Tiffany’s at Beverly Hills. This is a private party which intends to introduce CZV to local entrepreneurs, celebrities and investors,  as well as to build reputation among the business circle.

At the beginning, 5 keynote speakers were invited to give their speech, including Ashley Carter, the Group Director of Tiffany&Co.; Wendy Hua, president of CZV and partner of Cybernaut Investment group; Lei Wang, General Manager at Powerchina Real Estate Group US holding limited; Alexander Mecl, Co-founder of Knoable, a tech start-up as well as international business development advisor of Wechat; and Samuel Kang, the mayor of Duarte, who is also a serial entrepreneur.

Besides the keynote speakers mentioned above, we are honored to have guests such as Adam Zheng, co-founder of Oben, an artificial intelligence (AI) company that creates complete virtual identities for people; Alex Barkaloff, the executive producer of Knoable; Sujiu Zhang, the Chinese-American leader of California; German price, Mario Max Schaumburg Lippe who is also a famous actor and producer; and Babak Kateb, the founding Chairman of the Board of SBMT and Brain Mapping Foundation, and etc.

During the day, all the participants of the event had the opportunity to try on primary Tiffany’s jewelries including the 200M waterfall series.

At the conclusion of the event, 3 guests were given Tiffany’s present through the Business Card lucky draw. Wendy and Ashley presented their gratitude to the guest again.