The 2nd Global Contest of Innovation in Smart Manufacturing Concluded Successfully

     On March 16th, the 2nd Global Contest of Innovation in Smart Manufacturing successfully held in Los Angeles. The contest was organized by Cybernaut Zfounder Ventures (CZV). Cybernaut is one of the largest venture capital fund in the South California. In 2018, Cybernaut’s major investment focuses are in the area of medical device, digital health, and Fin-tech. In the past three years, Cybernaut has invested more than 80 companies and had 10 successfully exits.  



The Global Contest of Innovation in Smart Manufacturing was held to accelerate the improvement of the industrial development and transformation and was designed to create a platform for entrepreneurial talents that carry core technologies and outstanding projects to meet with potential investors.


Dr. Hua Wen, the general partner of Cybernaut Zfounder Ventures, said in the opening words that the investment eco-system in Southern California has been greatly improved in recent years. Los Angeles was currently rated as the third largest entrepreneurial community in the United States, after San Francisco and New York. According to Built in LA, start-ups in Los Angeles received a total amount of investment of approximately $4.2 billion in 2017, nearly eight times more than the total amount in 2012.

     The six judges are: Dr. Hua Wen, General Partner of CZV; Mr. Qin Gang, partner of Yuanzhan Capital; Dr. Ding Ling, Founder of a Chinese Medical Information Platform named "Doctor’s Voice" and Doctor of Oncology; Mr. Yu Kaicheng, President of Chinese University Alumni Alliance and Mr. Xue Hong, Managing Partner of VXP Venture Fund in Silicon Valley.



The contest was based in Los Angeles. With more than 100 applicants, 12 teams across the United Sates were selected to compete in the contest. Among the 12 teams, 5 teams were from the East Coast and 7 teams were from the West Coast. The team members holding master or doctor degrees were all from the top universities in the United States. Also, the teams were in various industry which covering the next generation including: intelligence manufacturing, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, wearable devices, medical devices, and Internet of things. The participants were including: a project who applied atomic forging nanotechnology in braking system, won 2013 R&D 100 awards and has patents in 7 countries; a QT ECG project with the world's smallest and most integrated home-used 12-lead ECG; a project in general-purpose intelligent instrument and meter whose cost was only one-tenth of traditional instrument; a household rehabilitation project that could five-times improve the efficiency of nursing staff and spend only one-fifth of cost of traditional rehabilitation health management system; a semiconductor opt-coherent modulation filter project which use nano-optical physics principles to design and manufacture a four-port semiconductor optical coherent modulation filter based on a gain nano-optical coupler.


      After a three-hour fierce competition including project presentation and Q&A, the automotive brake systems project that apply atomic forging nanotechnology, the voltage-controlled magnetic memory project, the medical-grade home-used 12-lead electrocardiogram projects and the VR surgical education project were successfully been selected to participate into the final competition.


After the contest, participants delivered sincere thanks to contest organizers for providing this opportunities for them to communicate with potential investors. The winning teams stated that they would further improve and strive to enhance their products and service in the future. Finally, Dr. Hua Wen, CEO of CZV, said that she was very happy that the contest provide a platform for entrepreneurs to gather in Los Angeles to interact and communicate. She hoped that the contest would improve the development of industrial new technology and helped entrepreneurs successfully apply their technologies in real and make their dreams come true.   

CZV Event Report: YC Demo Day

About YC Demo Day:


Y Combinator is one of the top incubator in Silicon Valley. So far, unicorns YC hatched include Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Twitch, Instacart and Coinbase. In total, has invested more than 1000 companies in a total investment of more than $65 billion. Today, YC’s Demo Day has already become a target for investors in Silicon Valley and even the world. It is also a place for everyone to find the next unicorn.




YC Demo Day Review:


On March 19, Cybernaut Zfounder Ventures (CZV) representatives traveled to Silicon Valley to attend the annual YC Demo Day. This year, there is a total of 142 projects, representing 23 countries, and 35% of projects have an international background. Millennials became the army of entrepreneurs. The average age of the founders was less than 30. 27% of the projects had female co-founders and 16% of the founders were women.


From an industry perspective, SaaS is still the focus. Legal, taxation, efficiency, teamwork, and start-ups are improving the productivity of enterprises in all aspects. For the first time, consumption upgrades have become a new outlet; biomedical and health projects account for nearly 20% of the total projects. Blockchain projects have also emerged, but YC is particularly cautious, investing only less than 4%. Applications include security, token development, and management platforms. Compared with last year, artificial intelligence is almost retired and fully integrated into the application scene.


The characteristics of this year’s YC Demo Day are very obvious: projects are focusing on a specific application scenario or solve a minor problem. A good business idea is to solve the small problems in life and work.


This year's YC Demo Day event featured: Vena Medical's viewing imaging microcatheter; Veriff's online ID verification Solution; Avro Life Science: skin patches for generic drug delivery; Voice games on Alexa Volley; Universe: mobile-side website building tool; Voicry: synthesizes rich AI sounds; Shone: autopilot freighter.


CETY Closes $420,000 Investment from Cybernaut Zfounder Ventures

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTC: CETY) announced on Nov. 2, 2016 that it has secured $420,000 in common stock venture financing at $.04 per share to capitalize on the international market expansion of CETY subsidiary Clean Energy HRS LLC's Clean Cycle™ ORC heat recovery steam generator.  The investment was made by Cybernaut Zfounder Ventures LLC's  Cyberfuture One LP fund.